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This is obviously and  normal that tendencies and trends come and go. We need to come up with something different to keep the user's attention.We can notice this in the car design industry, fashion industry and web.

The most common factor in change is due to updates in technology and as it evolves more things become possible. We are always on the top to satisfy our customers. In this post we would like to share some new trends in webdesigning.

One of the things I've been noticing is designs with simple square, non-uniform grids like the Windows 8 "metro" design.






This is nothing new in the editorial world, though resemblance of these examples and Windows 8 is really strong. This style is comfortable and helpful in presentation many informations.

Magazines have been using it for decades. Interesting point is  this style evolves.  We can see this kind of projects in many lines of business.  Due to the necessity of functionality and usability of the website, we need set up more and more informations.

It is very important how we will do it and what we will expose to attract  and keep our customers.